Franklin CIO Services, LLC provides consultant to companies on an as-
needed basis. Small businesses often cannot justify the cost of a full-time IT
executive. These companies require technical management, technology
expertise and IT leadership experience to make sound business decisions
where technology is concerned. A company can hire us for a few hours a month
or for several hours each week.

  • Are  you a small to mid-sized company, whose business has outgrown
    your technology?
  • Do you need help in taking the next steps?
  • Has your previous CIO left you with more than a position to fill; are
    technology departments without a leader and do they have unresolved
    technology decisions affecting your ability to do business?
  • Do you need interim IT executive level management while a full-time IT
    leader is identified?
We limit the Assessment Step duration to between one to three days. Our 25-point
IT Maturity Model Checklist will be used to give you a preliminary evaluation about
your infrastructure's condition. We then discuss, with the management, a list of
possible priorities to help the company improve its systems and procedures.
Company management is always in control of both the priority of projects and the
costs to be incurred.
Franklin CIO Services, LLC
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