About Our Business
Franklin's Partners have over 30 years of Business Consulting experience. It was
formed in 2009. Target business services include:
- Long range planning
- Metrics development
- Business Planning

Partners are members of several Advisory Boards, both business and no
Consulting experience includes a wide variety of businesses from the very small
to the extremely large.

Organizations served include manufacturing, financial, service and not-for-profit.

Spencer Silk is the Lead Partner. He has been with IBM, Price Waterhouse, CIO
at MCA Financial Corporation, CIO at Wayne State University and CIO at CORE
Industries, INC..

Mr. Silk and the other Partners use their experience as to be a visionary and  
resourceful executive with specialty expertise in many settings and proven
success innovating state-of-the-art solutions on time and under budget. Strong
understanding of the relationship between technology and strategic business
interests with a P&L mindset proven to drive annual savings
Franklin CIO Services, LLC
Other services that can be provided
A Board of Advisors can be
a great asset to a company.
When composed of
knowledgeable people with
appropriate expertise, this
group of trusted advisors can
provide excellent, non-biased
counsel to guide management
as they make decisions critical
to business grow.

As operations begin to go
beyond the reach of its
officers, an advisory board
may serve as an effective tool
in ensuring the company is
moving in the right direction.
Advisory board members can
offer guidance based upon
research and experience and
provide non-biased counsel to
guide management as they
make decisions.

If you believe a
Board of
would be an asset
to your company but are
unsure how to structure or
establish this group, let us
assist you. With our expertise,
we can take you through the
process of selecting,
organizing and launching an
advisory board.

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